Monday, November 21, 2016

Porlocks and Snidgets

     Considering my husband’s pack-ratting tendencies, the day we ever have to move from this house will truly be enlightening. 
     One day he’ll emerge from some dark corner of the basement with a belt buckle from his grandfather’s time during WWI in the Canadian army. Or he’ll lift a box in the garage and find a treasure (?) trove of every single one of his father’s license plates. And here they'll stay, with the thread-bare beach towel from his fraternity’s initiation weekend and our 42 year-old’s plastic Star Wars Tie fighter.

          Today he handed me a  small paperback of 45 pages that he’s had squirreled away for well over 12 years. I know this because the store where he bought it was torn down in 2004.  It’s escaped our notice all this time, but its time has finally come.

      The author is Newt Scamander, and the title is Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find Them, a textbook for use not only at Hogworts, but essential to all well-informed wizarding households.

          We saw the movie last night and I recommend it highly if you’re looking for another world to inhabit for a while.

And I’m sure there’s no connection whatsoever between the fact that we keep embracing escapism by way of a darkened movie theater (Dr. Strange last week) and the outcome of the election.


  1. They do say one of the best things for stress is to read or watch fiction.

  2. I share my life with a packrat too. Sadly. And have some tendencies that way too.
    Escapism and darkened rooms sound pretty good to me.

  3. I've been watching The Crown on Netflix as my escapist balm. It's wonderful, but I guess I'll go to see that latest movie. Sounds good to enter another world for awhile. :-)

  4. I'm quite sure Bob has a tunnel dug under the closet in his room. That's the only place I can figure he stashes all the old items he brings me from time to time. I am not a pack rat.

  5. I also live with somebody who has a fair degree of obsessive disorder so things are kept. Heaven help us when we move.

  6. It's showing in our theatres now and my kids are seeing it tomorrow.

  7. We all need a place to just relax and forget for a while. No theaters here but maybe I can find it on DVD.


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