Monday, November 27, 2023

Sunday, November 12, 2023

Wednesday, November 8, 2023



I’ve aided and abetted two more people, a kind married couple who’d never hurt a fly, I’m sure, into a world of risk and danger.

Monday, November 6, 2023

Writing Building Bending Winning

 What I’ve been doing:

Handwriting notes.

 An acquaintance send us photographs of a past trip that we were on with her and her husband - actual photographs. My Guy had run into her at the grocery store, and three days later a fat packet arrived in our mailbox.

Between the glossy pics and writing a thank you card (a quick email wouldn’t have cut it), it all felt very pre-millennium. But it also reminded me of how awful my handwriting is (I used to hate writing notes to parents when I was a teacher) and my sore hand told me how rarely I write anything anymore.


Feathering (or organizing) my nest.

          This closet is in a place where we hung store clothes. Instead, it’s always held piles of bins and boxes of toys for grandkids. After assembling these shelves and wedging them in there, anyone who wants it out will have to wait for the building to fall into rubble around them. But now I finally have a place to store that Lego and the extra pillows and blankets when we have an over-abundance of company.


(Major foot cramp here)

       Persevering with Yoga.

(Gimpy shoulder not happy)
          I went again this Sunday to the ‘Gentle Yoga’ class. Gentle, HA! We had a youngish substitute instructor who had a very different interpretation of gentle. Plank position? Bridge?  She needs to learn that older bodies need a bit of a warm up and some body parts are never again going to bend the way they used to.


Searching for a Mahjong home.

          Friday I drove over several hills and through a few towns to try a new venue. It’s beautiful at this library, next to a water fall, and the ladies were very kind (although pretty much all of them had a good ten years on me and I’m no spring chicken), but I realized it’s just too far to travel. And with the time change, I’d be returning in the dark, plus rush hour traffic. My brain definitely got a work out, though. This game takes way more concentration than chess. Oh, and I won twice! And these ladies play for money. $2.00 richer, Baby!!!

Wednesday, November 1, 2023

54th and 4th

 Today began with a trip to the Y to see if I could survive a yoga class, something I haven’t done for some time.