Monday, March 25, 2019

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Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Call of Nature

      Flipping channels last night we stumbled across the latest Lora Croft, Tomb Raider movie and enjoyed its mix of Raiders of the Lost Ark obstacles and obsessed bad guys, combined with the plucky heroine who survives just fine without always needing a man to bail her out. It was pretty good, and I appreciated the absence of Angelina Jolie pouting and posturing.
          As this new Lora fought her way through typhoons, jungles, and cave-ins, I was struck by the same thought I’ve been having as I watch Kate Beckinsale in the new Amazon Prime series The Widow. (Very good, by the way, with lots of plot turns and here’s another self-sufficient plucky-but-flawed heroine, even if she does inexplicably never lose the curl in her ponytail.)
          Does no one ever eat? If I had to go without sleep for days, chase bad guys, and alternatively be chased by bad guys, my blood sugar would have bottomed out after the first four hours. These women never have so much as a glass of juice. Once in a great while they might throw back a shot of tequila along with the guys, but that’s not going to provide the energy you’re going to need if you’re galloping around toting an AK47.
          And no one ever heeds the call of nature. In one scene, Kate wakes up in her jeep, having slept there all night. As she threw it into gear and hurtled off down the unpaved road, My Guy and I simultaneously had the same reaction:
          “What? She’s been there all night! Doesn’t she need to pee?”

Monday, March 18, 2019

Sunday, March 10, 2019

Road to Nowhere

      I put on my Brave Girl undies and decided to try a Zumba class at the Y.