Friday, September 23, 2022

Who was that masked man?


Wednesday was my annual eye check-up. I was happy to learn that unlike too many other body parts, not much has changed. The land in the back portion is healthy and quiet, and in front there’s no sign yet that I need to think about cataracts. I don’t really deserve all this good news after taking my eyes for granted most of my life, not having them checked until I was retirement age. First I was 20-20, then bought progressively stronger cheaters starting with graduate school in my 40s. If I hadn’t had to read and analyze a novel every two days I wonder if I’d still be able to see like a hawk. Probably not.

          In this world of masks over masks, I have little idea what my optometrist looks like above the ankles. I can tell you he has a thing for shoes. I’ve admired his (what looked like) alligator shoes, although this week he wore more sedate black lace-ups. He made up for this with green, yellow, and black striped socks, which even in my dilated state I could appreciate.

          Yesterday’s root canal went well, if you can say that about a root canal. Outside of that first stab as he drove the needle full of good drugs deep into my head and out the back, it was painless. Apparently this go-round I won the jackpot, needing all four of the canals of this tooth Roto-Rootered. Again, I have no idea what my endodontist looks like, even though this was my second visit to him. He sneaks up from in back of me, greets me with an elbow bump and jumps right in. Meanwhile, I’m in sunglasses for the glare, with my head almost touching the floor, listening to the background music playing “Hit me with your best shot.”  I’m pretty sure he's a small man, a good thing since with the amount of armature he packs into my mouth, there’s only room left in there for someone with tiny hands.   

Thursday, September 22, 2022

Flowers, Frog, Fox

This weekend’s gardening was mostly about pulling things up before I had to unearth them from the impending fall mountain of leaves. Still, there were a couple of small discoveries.

Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Blogger toying with me


Procrastination has its advantages.

          Over the weekend I had what seemed to be a creeping technological infection.

My blog reading list that I use to access favorite sites was becoming less and less accessible. First I was unable to reach one or two blogs, and by Sunday almost my entire list was unreachable. I would click on the title, and instead of landing happily at Going Gently, for instance, I’d hit a wall. I tried my iPad instead of my laptop and aimed myself at Ellen Abbott’s land and instead of lovely glass artwork, I was landed in the middle of what looked to my untrained eye like coding, all numbers and hieroglyphics.

          I returned to my blog list and began writing down everyone’s addresses. I don’t want to lose you folks! And then I meandered away my Monday instead of facing up to a tedious task of trying to figure out how to re-enter sites on my blog, if even that would work.

          This morning I opened my tablet, and voila! You were all there!



Saturday, September 17, 2022

Tea, communism, and smoke



I received a whiff of my childhood this week, thanks to Amazon and communists.

Wednesday, September 14, 2022

Tuesday, September 13, 2022

Circling Back


I’m still fascinated by life’s coincidences. Long before I ever knew I’d marry a Massachusetts boy, never mind live in Massachusetts, my father traveled up here from Virginia in possibly 1969ish and ended up at the Brimfield Flea Market. It’s the largest in New England, at least a mile in length.

Monday, September 12, 2022

Unicorn Hunting

A full 15 minutes on the phone listening to music and recorded apologies about the wait and one more time hope crashed and burned.