Sunday, January 17, 2021

One More Day

Outside of initially believing it was Saturday, reading Friday’s newspaper and deciding I’d been wrong and it must be Friday, then finding the correct paper and learning that, yes, it really was Saturday, yesterday was stunningly dull, but kind of soothing,

          Schlep around with morning tea. Finally out for my two laps around the complex. (Don’t get too impressed – it’s not jogging, just quick walking. But it is almost two miles.) Back to leash up Mamie, who as usual is hysterical with joy that I came home and didn’t abandon her forever, and take her for a half loop around. Fight with the vacuum to change its bag, then vacuum. Mamie now hysterical with fear. Make tentative plans with My Guy to take out the bikes. Read for a bit. Determine that with the palms almost bent double, it’s too windy for a ride. Eat lunch. Load up Mamie – again hysterical with joy – for a car ride to drop off stuff at the drive-in Goodwill. Walk Mamie around her favorite park. Come home, finish book, make soup and popovers. Settle in for two episodes of Escape to the Chateau and one of Gangs of London.

Finished my book. Lights out.  


Friday, January 15, 2021

Change of Pace

 My words have been a bit dark lately, so how about some images instead. These are all from the two laps I do around our small complex each morning. It's pretty repetitive, but there's often something new to see.  



 Florida can be surprisingly drab







But then you turn a corner, 

and. . 

(And by the way, why can't I place photos side by side anymore? Thank you, new Blogger.)

Some of our resident wildlife. 

Yes, we have our own gator. This is the larger of the two. They seem to stay in the lagoons, but sometimes I feel like I'm walking bacon on a leash when I take Mamie out.





These tree roots fascinate me every time I pass by them. 

They look enchanted, like something from Lord of the Rings.

And this discard from a palm tree looks like finely shellacked mahogany. 

Doesn't it look as though we should be able to make something beautiful from it?


This wild area is across the street, but with the rampage of new construction going on, it likely won't last much longer. 

And finally, last night's sunset.


Thursday, January 14, 2021

Ignorance, Isolation, and Insurrection

     In the latter part of my career, I was coordinator for my high school’s International Baccalaureate Programme. By their latest definition -

A worldwide, nonprofit education program founded to give all students the opportunity to receive an education fit for a globalizing world. 

Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Thank you, Blogland


Being in Florida is lovely, but it’s definitely a different climate – in every sense of the word - than Massachusetts.

Saturday, January 9, 2021

Yes, Words Matter


     This has been quite the week. With the legions of people discussing, explaining, analyzing, justifying, and obfuscating, I wouldn't dream of adding my own two cents. (Whoops. Metaphor alert!)  Commentators have been working overtime, and so have the metaphors. To share just a few, these heard on the various news reports seem to track events fairly accurately.

Well under the radar

House of mirrors, poisoning followers (a mixed metaphor if ever there was one. 


Tool in the toolbox 

Monkey wrench thrown into the process

Genie out of the bottle

Snowball set in motion

They're pounding on the door - Oh, wait, that's from a loan company's ad about creditors. . . . 

Rock bottom week for the GOP

Rats fleeing a sinking ship

      And some metaphors from the international outlook:

"America no longer defines the course, and therefore has lost all right to set it." (Konstantin Kosachey, chairman of the Russian upper house foreign affairs committee.) 

      But more hopefully:

"A new chapter of U.S. democracy" will begin in two weeks. (Angela Merkel)