Friday, April 10, 2015

Foreign Hostility


          My timing was off.

          Onto Main Street I pulled, just ahead

          of the green Toyota barreling my way.

          Apologetically, I lengthened the distance between us.

          He speeded up to shorten it,

          grill glinting in my mirror.

          Illustrating my poor road manners

          through his own aggression.

          Closer and closer

          mile by mile he followed

          his face only a dark shape.

          My courtesy and unease growing with each block,

          I slowed for pedestrians

          anticipated turns

          stopped at the yellow.

          A veritable model in road etiquette.

          The driver behind now over a car length away.

          Validated, I smiled into the rear view mirror.

          It offered only a red Chevy.


  1. Been there. An uneasy feeling.

    1. Remarkable how often something like this happens.

  2. Oh I've done this, but could never put it on paper like you have. What a relief to see the one you pulled out in front of, no longer back there.

  3. Driving has become a hair raising event.

  4. Phew! I thought he was going to ram you for getting in his way.


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