Wednesday, September 10, 2014

1440 Minutes of Fame

     The Great White Way has nothing on us in our small town. 

    While we may not exactly get our name up in lights, we do have something almost as good. 
    Our local barber has been providing, free of charge, a venue for those announcements we’d like to share with each other or shout to the world. The shop sits right in the center of town, hard to miss since the intersection of Main and Springfield contains only one gift shop, one filling station, one coffee/lunch spot, and one civil war statue. 

   If you plan to surprise a family member, though, you’d better plan ahead.
A couple of years ago when I stopped by, weeks before my husband’s birthday, I was very lucky to get a spot on the right day. Greg The Barber took out a big ledger that had a definite Saint Peter sort of look to it, and thumbed past entry after entry before discovering that March 3 was open. 

My own milestone was approaching and I wondered: Would I make our town’s pantheon of celebrity?

But my guy must have planned ahead.
That morning I drove into village center and there it was.

 I had indeed hit the Big Time. 


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