Sunday, September 7, 2014


     The rain of last night is gone and we have a cool sunny morning. I throw on shorts and sneakers, drink some orange juice and head out for a walk. The cool morning was disguising rampant humidity, so I return sweaty and tired. 

     I open windows, hoping to catch the remains of the cool night air from the woods. 

     I feed the 900-year-old cat and put the cat food back in the fridge. 

     I saute some mushrooms, beat up some eggs, and add them to the mushrooms. 

     I call my husband to come pick up his eggs and he opens the refrigerator for juice. 

     "Why are your glasses in the fridge?"

    Is this a sign of how the rest of my day will go or something larger?


  1. It's only a sign you need to wear them on top of your head when not on your face. I do. Oh, wait, that doesn't cover bed time, does it? Well, you're on your own, there.

  2. Keys in fridge for me...

  3. Funny!
    This is the sign of a person who is very busy..

  4. That is so funny! I needed that good laugh this morning!


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