Sunday, February 18, 2024

How to Entertain 101


          My Guy and I had a great evening of dinner and Mahjong at some friends’ house the other night, but I have to say that another set friends have truly found the true key to effortless entertaining.

A couple that I play golf with from our condo complex has taken the plunge and bought a house. They haven’t sold their condo yet, and haven’t moved themselves or their belongings since they figure a furnished home shows (and sells) better than an empty one.

After the three of us did our nine holes in the afternoon, we met My Guy and another couple at their empty new place. The only furniture in the house was the patio set the previous owners had left behind, but the most critical elements were there: plenty of beer, G & T, and a bag of chips. No cleaning (other than the bathroom, which was spotless), no prepping, no cooking. No pressure.

We sat on their lanai, enjoyed the soft breezes, looked at the water beyond their pool, and enjoyed each other’s company.

 Then darkness fell and we all headed home.


  1. Good company, finger foods, beverages, and a bathroom. Works for me!

  2. I'll keep this in mind, against ever again purchasing a home.

  3. It does sound pretty darn perfect.


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