Thursday, February 15, 2024

Heights, Lights, and Turtles

 The entertainment value of my walk around the complex – usually limited to an audio book on my phone – went up the other day as I spotted first, giant finials on the ground, and second, the men who were installing them.

          In the post-hurricane complete replacement of all the roofs, the finials had to come down and even though they serve no purpose, they were part of the original design and so by contract they must be returned to the roofs.

          I walked on, not wanting to let my imagination play with the idea of that workman strolling around three floors up with no guywire.

          My Guy and I went out for breakfast, which was nice except for the disappointing contrast between the description on the menu – Eggs Benedict with crab, asparagus, and Hollandaise sauce – and the reality – overcooked eggs, 3 tiny limp asparagi, a scattering of crab flakes, and a thimbleful of sauce dribbled ineffectually across. And no, I didn’t complain to the really nice waitress. I cheered myself up with all the calories I was being spared with this desiccated version.

Plus, as we left we looked up to see a city worker cleaning a streetlamp with the attention to detail you’d see in a grandma’s parlor, never mind the hundreds more he likely had ahead of him.


   And back to the home front, it looks as though we do have some life in our little pond after all. In the late afternoons, we’ve spotted as many as twelve little turtle noses at a time poking up from the water outside our porch. Yesterday, I was idly chatting on the phone with my daughter when I thought I saw something dark on the bank opposite. Finally remembering we had binoculars, I confirmed it – a big guy was sunning himself, head extended into the air, while two of his friends lounged below, half in the water


  1. That breakfast sounds just a little lacking in just about everything. I do hope those workers don't hurt themselves. :-)

  2. When they are returned, may we have a picture of finials in situ? I am so fond of egg benedict, I doubt I could have let that serving pass unremarked.

  3. Turtles! and finials. I like finials though they serve no other purpose than to delight the eye. They add the "finishing touch".

  4. You saw so much on that walk! I, like Joanne, would like to see the finials when the roof is finished and they are returned to their original sites.


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