Thursday, December 7, 2023

Spot Begone!

December is filled with annual and bi-annual doctor visits; today’s was my dermatologist to have my bumps and barnacles examined. This is a trip I don’t mind at all since I like my doctor and so far the news afterward has always been non-eventful.

          Though after waiting to be seen on the cold plastic examining table in my thin little johnnie with the open back, I did point out to them that they’re missing out on a keen commercial opportunity. Flannel examination gowns. Or, at the least, heated examination tables.

          One good thing/bad thing during the visit was her suggestion she zap a couple of spots for me. But the freezing compound she shot at them was surprisingly pain-free, and with any luck this will blast them into oblivion.

One is a red spot the size of a nickel, prominently displayed on my cheek. The other, an ugly grayish growth on my neck, has been annoying me for a while; I sometimes wonder if having it across the table ever bothers my dining companions. Getting rid of them is purely cosmetic, but it seems like every visit my sweet doctor manages to slip a procedure like this past the insurance police.

          So, several freezing blasts on them and now I get to enjoy being a bit red and crusty for the next two weeks. Perfect for the holiday gatherings.

          She also did a biopsy on a teensy red dot on my neck that I hadn’t even noticed. We’ll see what that has to say for itself. The pleasures of my freckled, WASP heritage.

          And as My Guy pointed out, now I’m ready to leave for the Florida sunshine! (Although in my defense, let me say I’m very conscientious with sunscreen and hats.)


  1. I hope all of your spots (now and always) are benign. A recent visit to the dermatologist was the first time in years that he didn't find nasties on my partner. We hope the tide has been turned.

  2. I am overdue for my annual visit, thanks for reminding me to get an appointment.

  3. I have never yet had any of my spots looked at so it is on the list for next year, right after my cataracts surgery.

  4. Having grown up in Florida, I am familiar with mysterious spots. In fact I try to pay close attention because I'm sure I've done untold damage to my skin over the years.

  5. Glad your harmless spots have been cold blasted to oblivion. Good for you for getting checked. I hope the teensy red dot is a nothing.
    I went to the dermatologist a couple of years ago for an annoying mole I'd just started noticing. Dr. took one look at it and said it was a harmless spot that is common as we age. Glad for the "harmless", but the "common in older people" not so much...


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