Friday, May 19, 2023

Tragedy, Conviviality, Conquest


A busy Thursday

          My morning began with 48 degree weather on the golf course, but it gradually warmed up to a toasty 60. If only I could say the same thing about my game, which was abysmal. 20 extra strokes abysmal.

          Afternoon – over to a friend’s house to help her decide on material for a new sofa and chairs. Her house is absolutely beautiful, so outside of validating that the couch should indeed be a deep blue, the conversation afterward was the only reason to be there. And as I grow older, I find I care less and less about decorating decisions. I’d rather do something with my day other than worrying about a particular shade of green or whether I have the perfect tchotchke for that shelf in the corner.

          Just as I was heading off, book under my arm and tea in hand, for some blissful time on the couch, we got a phone call. Son-in-law, on his way back to New Jersey from Boston could stop by. Another plate on the table, more shrimp in the pilaf, and we enjoyed a quick hour and a half before he had to get back on the road. Good thing I hadn’t scheduled the two-pork chop recipe for last night.

          BUT! My big achievement of the day happened in between events. I’d called my own primary care office all morning – busy, busy, busy, recording, busy - since they’d announced that yesterday was the day they’d accept new patients to add My Guy’s name to the list. I gave it one more try and Eureka! A human on the other end of the phone.

          My Guy did see his “doctor” on Wednesday, but he’d been taken on as a new patient (after his own doctor of 3+ years died with no provisions for patients left high and dry) last year and had only had one phone consultation. I call this doctor “The Great and Powerful Oz” since he seemed to be more the idea of a doctor rather than an actual entity. On Wednesday, the first non-virtual appointment, My Guy came back to report that for this physical he didn’t take off one stitch of clothing.

          His appointment with my practice isn’t till December, but we’re fine with that.


  1. Your achievement was huge. It sounds like a packed (and apart from your golfing prowess) a wonderful day.

  2. I think physicals are mostly about vials these days.

  3. Most "new doctor" appointments here are for the doctor to take details and ask questions, then further appintments are made for examinations etc as needed. I recently found a clinic within walking distance that wasn't taking in new patients while covid was raging, but they are now so in I went. Spoke to a lovely receptionist, made my appointments, no phone in and waiting, easy peasy.

  4. Our family doctor of many years also retired with nobody replacing him, so we were orphaned patients. Not a good position to be in... we finally got a doctor, but now she is moving her practise to a different town.... Are you in a community that is attached to a golf course? -Jenn

    1. No built-in course, but there are plenty of public courses here where we live in Massachusetts, and the prices are reasonable, too. Unlike crazy (in so many senses) Florida.

  5. "The Great and Powerful Oz" -- LOL! That sums up modern medicine frighteningly well, actually.


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