Monday, May 29, 2023

Morning stroll


I set off for this morning’s walk with low expectations, and was happily surprised.

I’d had my first-ever encounter with a podiatrist this week to see what could be done about the very unglamorous problem of a bunion on my left foot. Not much, unless I was willing to have surgery and be immobilized for umpteen weeks, and possible months. But at least something had been accomplished because while there I gained doctor-prescribed orthotics to make my arches happy.

The following day I popped them into my golf shoes and walked the course for nine holes. My right knee began hurting before we even made it to the first green and it’s been hurting ever since. Coincidence?

Friday, my knee still a problem, I skipped my low aerobics class, and spent much of the day with my foot up. Saturday I tried a stroll through the complex, my knee hurting after only one loop around. Sunday, ditto. Today, though, I managed a double loop, then moved on to light gardening without any real twinges. My days of pickleball may not be over after all. The orthotics will stay in the drawer.

Highlights of my spin through my little neighborhood –

A couple who passed me, the husband calling over, “Hi, Marty!” I have absolutely no idea who they are.

A man in his driveway loading things into his trunk who had on checked shorts and a striped shirt, which for some reason I found kind of endearing.

A man walking a dog that bore an uncanny resemblance to our still-missed pet Mamie, so even though I didn’t know him at all, I had to stop and chat. Fifteen minutes later I finally tore myself away.

I wandered around our small area in back watering things until a friend out for her own walk stopped for a quick visit. I told her about the gentleman with the dog.

“Him? Oh, you can never get away from him. And were you able to get a word in yourself?”

I admitted that much of the conversation had been one-sided. I further learned that he’s presently on his fourth (!) wife, the other three having died. 



  1. There are people who have the gift of the gab while having the gift of saying nothing while they’re gabbing

    1. I guess that falls into the category of the gift that keeps on giving.

  2. Sigh at the orthotics - but I am glad that your walking days are not over.
    My father described people like your talkative gentleman as having a tongue that was hinged in the middle and wagged at both ends.

  3. Four wives! I hope it involved a lot of divorces, not a lot of deaths. I like bleeding heart. It's such an "old garden" plant.

  4. I had trouble getting used to my arch supports, I alternated with the prescribed ones and the cheaper less firm ones until my knees and hips got used to the different "foot strike", now I just have to beware of the "down-at-heel" level of my soles, too far worn and the knees and hips are uncomfortable again. Those flowers are lovely.

  5. Orthotics are always a crap shoot. I've had a 50% success rate. Take them back, explain what happened and have your foot recast. I always expect a little discomfort because things are different, but yours are too wrong.


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