Saturday, May 27, 2023

Use it or lose it

 I’ll soon be carting another batch of things off for donation somewhere.

Among them is at least one piece of clothing I was saving for some unknown event that never happened. And as time ticked by, I had either, let’s say, “outgrown” it or it had just plain gone out of style.

          I’m hoping I’m learning to shed that kind of thinking, now with time galloping away into the distance. Instead of “saving” the loop on the back of my robe, I now wantonly hang my robe up as LL Bean intended. I’ve finally realized that if I wear out the loop and it breaks, I’ll probably need a new robe by that time anyway.


         When we downsized to move here, I managed to sell (give away, really) two full sets of inherited bone China, but I’m not out of the woods yet.

          Neither son or daughter want these, so we’re now using some of the plates for weekday meals and tossing them in the dishwasher, gold rim be damned.

          I still haven’t completely mended my ways, though. I noticed afterwards that rather than use the semi-new ones, I cooked this morning’s eggs in tins that look as though I’ve had them since the Hoover administration. 

Why? Am I likely to get surprise visitors who will thunder into my kitchen and judge me on how pristine my muffin tins are?



Baked Ham & Eggs-

Grease muffin tin

Line with thin slice ham   

Top with shredded cheese

Break in one egg

Bake at 400 for 15 minutes


  1. We really, really need to adopt the use it or lose it mentality. Yesterday.

  2. And they do not stack neatly together, another reason to be rid of one set or another. Muffin tins, that is. As long as eggs bake the same in both styles.

    1. I'll have to use the pretty ones next time to find out.

  3. I laughed at the muffin tin story, and am very glad to know those pretty dishes are being used at last. :-)

  4. You are actually getting rid of things. Here it's still about 90% talk and very little action.

    1. In our house, I'm the thrower and My Guy is the keeper, making for a bit of intrigue as I spirit things away.

  5. As long as those muffin tins aren't rusty, they're good to go! older style china is often not suited for dishwashers which is why so much of it languishes in thrift stores, nobody washes dishes by hand if they don't have to.


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