Sunday, November 27, 2022

Life in the fast lane



If you’re wondering what the younger set has been up to, here are a few excerpts from last week at our granddaughters’ pre-school:



·    Marble races at the water table

·    Painting with paintbrushes attached to long sticks

·    Exploring reflections with mirrors -- drawing and writing with pencils attached to short sticks

  • Seeing how fast and slow cars go on ramps held by amp holders/brackets
  • Towing cars to get repaired at the mechanic 
  • Hitting a punching bag and each other with the bopper sockers
  • Wrestling on the wrestling mat
  • Herman the worm song
  • Checking out the sea life viewfinder
  • Haircuts 

I could get into the marble races, but I’m artistically challenged enough without trying to paint with an extended paintbrush.

The mean streets of preschool - Hope they scheduled nap time for right after all that hitting and wrestling; I imagine everyone just keeled over after getting all that aggression out.

And the haircuts made me a little nervous, although the twins’ hair looked fine when we saw them at Thanksgiving.

And overheard in the classroom


·  kid A: "my mommy's birthday is coming soon! and her daddy my grandpa gonna come babysit me on the weekend. And you know what my mommy gonna do?"

·  kid B: "WASH THE DISHES!!"

There's a Problem

·  "There is a problem! The problem is that I peed my pants! That is the problem!"





  1. Tired just reading these activities. I fancy the marble racing though.

  2. Definitely a problem.
    And yes, I would need a nap after even some of that activity.

  3. Oh the sweet joys of kindergarten age :)

  4. Makes wonder if I could work with little ones as a voluteer. They can be exhausting but so eye opening.


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