Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Shopping Notes

           Did you know that if your Amazon order doesn’t solve all your earthly problems that way you hoped it would, you can just present yourself to a Kohl’s store with a smile and that disobliging item and they’ll send it back for you?

Disclaimer: You will need to bring it in the box in which it was shipped, and you do need on your phone the square thingy Amazon sent you so the clerk can zap it with her zapper thingy. (Hope I didn’t get too technical there for you.)

2nd Disclaimer: Kohl’s will also issue you a $5 coupon, which means you’ll then turn right around and buy something in their store.  Kohl’s is not stupid.  

          Anyway, yesterday was errand day – Drug store for more hair dye in case this rail strike happens, to Kohl’s with my return, and then grocery store.

          I had to hit two CVSs before I found my color. (Brief panic - will I have to go natural, or worse, pay someone to dye it?)

          At Kohl’s, while I was in line for the nice Amazon lady, I spotted this. I thought I’d send it along to you just in case you’ve run out of things to spend money on. 







          Or if you’d like to confirm everyone’s opinion that you are totally without class:




         And I found it intriguing that there was a whole aisle devoted to the world of vinyl, with products by a company reusing this iconic name. 





          And finally, here’s my tip to those of you who can never get those plastic produce bags open and don’t want to lick your finger in these Covid times. Hang on to that wipe the store provides for your grocery cart. It’ll stay moist just long enough to get you out of the fruits and veggies. 



  1. We don't have Kohl's here - and I try to avoid Amazon.
    That kit though.....!!!!
    Plastic produce bags are being phased out here - so that is an irritation which is all but gone.

  2. My neighbor stopped by recently with one of those Kohl certificates if I wanted it. He had to explain what Kohl's is. I'm not a shopper, clearly! I thought he was talking about coal .

  3. Methinks that Kohls is very shrewd. We don’t have them here.

  4. If that Victrola played, I couldn't activate it, drat.

  5. Well, that's handy, to have Kohl's make your Amazon return for you. Pretty brilliant on their part! I love the dog birthday kit. America really is the essence of retail excess.


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