Thursday, June 9, 2022

Next Step


Remember the days when each family was allotted two tickets for family members to attend graduations ceremonies? And if you were unlucky, you received four; now you have to sort out which grandparents will be awarded the treat of sitting on a hard bleacher in a hot auditorium.

          It’s a new day: For the second year in a row, we sat comfortably in front of a keyboard in Massachusetts and watched a grandson in New Jersey receive his high school diploma. As much as it would be nice to be there in person, my comfy chair and white wine definitely eclipsed two hours in the hot sun.

          And we’re not done yet. We still have an upcoming thirteen-year old and a set of four-year old twins to go.

          But it still amazes me that two of these boys splashing in the
puddle at our last house are now six foot+ college guys.


  1. I don't remember any ceremonies when I finished high school. And definitely no diploma. It is amazing how fast time can move isn't it?

  2. I left school early, so definitely no diploma for me. I don't know that we did them anyway. I did get a GE (general education certificate) at the end of primary school. I have one grandchild finishing high school at the end of this year, then the newborn twins about 18 years from now.

  3. Yes, it is amazing how quickly they go from toddlers to six-footers. :-)

  4. I had one grand graduate that way during covid. It was good to go to his sister's graduation in a hall.


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