Friday, June 10, 2022


Last week, when I started researching refrigerators, noise was a factor. A couple of reviews on the model I’d chosen mentioned noise, but I’d already eliminated two other major brands through personal experience of their unreliability, so I ordered it anyway. I knew there’d be an adjustment of some kind, since we’d turned off the icemaker in our current fridge due to leakage, and we hadn’t lived with the clunkety clunk of ice descending into its bin.

Yesterday afternoon I received a call from my appliance store. It seems the fridge I’d ordered and that was scheduled to be delivered next week, and which two different people at the store had assured me was in stock, is on back order. And with no timeline on when it might arrive. Annoying, but not the end of the world. Yes, I told the salesman, my fridge was still working so we’d just sit back and wait.

Remember when your toddler was suspiciously quiet? It was always a signal that something bad was probably happening. Not just true of small children.

An hour later, I grabbed a grape from the bowl in our silent refrigerator. Hmmm. Not very cold. And neither was much of anything else in there.

 I’d been over the moon recently because I’d relocated my pantry from basement shelves to a reconfigured closet next to the kitchen, eliminating the run up and down the stairs to grab a can of soup.

Not only had my fridge died an hour after assuring the salesman I didn’t need one right away, I also now will be running downstairs to the small basement fridge every time I want to spread butter on a piece of toast.



  1. I guess appliances respect the tradition of breaking down right after you said they're working fine. It's the malevolence of inanimate objects at work.

  2. Oh no! This is like our work fridge, which we arranged to have defrosted only for it to refuse to function again afterwards! Like, most awkward possible timing for an appliance failure.

  3. Sigh. I hope that back order is filled soon. Very soon.

  4. Maybe it's time to cancel that order and get a new one that actually exists somewhere in this part of the world. With the way things are going, you might be without for quite awhile otherwise.

  5. I could not deal with going to the basement to butter my toast. I'd be in Lowes, getting a new fridge.

  6. Replies
    1. Yes, I trudged back to the appliance store and ordered a different brand. Unlike the first one I ordered, this one has the dumb icemaker using up space inside but at least it costs less.

  7. Running up and down stairs, or even walking up and down the stairs, is very beneficial for the heart, so think of it as exercise.

    1. That can be my mantra till next Thursday when the new fridge arrives.

  8. The hardest part for me with a new appliance is the new sounds it makes. Our freezer has several, and the compressor which always sounds like the background in "20,000 leagues Under the Sea" and I've gotten to enjoy that--but it also snaps and pops and clicks, which make me wonder what's about to fall off...


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