Wednesday, June 8, 2022

Welcome to my home, General (Electric)

          I don’t have much of note to announce; life has been fairly routine around here.  

          I did finally jump into the world of appliance buying. As we go to press, everything in the kitchen is currently working, but after five years with the appliances that came with the house – and which I’m pretty sure are the ones that went in when it was built in the late 90s – it seems time.


          The wall oven has permanent scorch marks from some previous conflagration.

          The ice maker leaks, so we turned it off, which means every now and then it freezes up somewhere, causing the fan to go clunk, clunk until My Guy takes my hairdryer to the back of the interior.


         We’ve also had a bright orange Post It note on the microwave for the past year.  One wrong pull will leave someone standing there, handle in hand and food still in the machine.

          It’s been a learning experience. Because installation of the wall oven is more complex than yanking the old one out and plugging in the new, the appliance store told me to hire an outside contractor, who will bring along his electrician to sort the wiring. I’m beginning to wonder if the cost of putting it in will surpass the cost of the oven itself.

          On the plus side, my social life is picking up, what with the delivery guys bringing the new appliances and putting in the new fridge and microwave, followed another time by the wall oven guy who will come one day to measure and another day to install.



  1. Well, it sounds like you are definitely due for an upgrade, if only to get rid of that post-it note! (And improve your social life!)

  2. I do hope it won't cost too much to get it all fixed up! I smiled at the post-it note.

  3. It seems your kitchen was rather ominous. Good reason for delivery guys.

  4. I love the thought of new appliances. I don't need any, so can't be skipping off to the shops any time soon. But I can wish you a new trouble free existence with yours :)

  5. Staying positive I see. enjoy the visits. 😀


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