Thursday, April 21, 2022

Ups and Downs

We have just a week left here in Florida and I need to do some serious editing of our food supply, not the easiest thing for someone with squirrel tendencies. A full freezer and plenty of canned goods and I’m a happy girl. 

So of course this is the week Publix sends out their siren call of BOGO. Given the cost of pecans, you better believe I’m going to grab two bags of them.

          Even though the temperature here is just what it was two weeks ago, and two weeks before that, it’s still spring.

          Our magnolias are popping out blooms 




and our resident Sandhill cranes are strutting around proudly with their new chick.




    And here in the midst of spring, we also have a fall – my fall on the pickleball court. I was racing back and did something wrong because I was soon on my keister, dazed and annoyed I’d missed the ball.

Fortunately, the gang I play with are old hands at this (maybe that’s not a good thing?) and I was cleaned up, bandaged, and parked with a cold pack in about the same amount of time it took me to fall.

          I’m fine, although annoyed that I fell on the side I always sleep on – ouch. I have a skinned elbow that would be the envy of any 6 year-old, a big purple/blue blotch on my hip to brighten up my otherwise pasty skin, and a cranky wrist.

 The wrist was the issue since it limited my ability to comfortably change channels with the TV remote, but that’s much better today. Too bad – I was thinking I might have a legitimate excuse to cut back on the house-closing scrubbing.



  1. Well, our magnolia has yet to bloom, we have no pecans, but we do have blue herons sitting on nests. Welcome back.

  2. Oh my! I do hope all this clears up quickly. I am prone to falling myself and decided not to take up pickleball. :-)

  3. Sorry to hear about your fall - and pleased you are on the mend.

  4. Sorry you fell, but I'd be using that as an excuse to cut back on the scrubbing even if it felt well enough. Do the scrubbing when you get back.

  5. It seems as though they took good care of you.

  6. Yikes -- take it easy out there on that crazy pickleball court! I love sandhill cranes, and I'm always impressed by how many of them seem to successfully raise their chicks. I guess that's why they're such a common sight in Southwest Florida.


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