Saturday, April 16, 2022

Okay so far


         I can’t remember now whether it was my second shot or first booster, but one or the other sent me to the couch last year with a small reaction of complete lethargy. I received my 2nd Pfizer booster yesterday. I filled today’s morning with a mile and a half walk, fixed breakfast, cleaned two bathrooms, and vacuumed (including climbing up to disassemble the bathroom fan and vacuum it), so outside of a sore left arm, I guess I’ll be fine.

          My trip to CVS’s pharmacy was uneventful; I arrived for my 3 p.m. appointment, having filled out all the required information on line. Once in the chair behind the flimsy screen, the 12 year-old pharmacist asked for I.D. and for me to roll up my sleeve. He apologized in advance for having only Bandaids with princesses from Frozen. I said I’d love to see some beefy guy sporting one of them on his cantaloupe-sized bicep after receiving his shot.

          The pharmacist seemed a little nervous – I’m glad I only realized this afterwards. You don’t want to be someone’s first in the medical world. He forgot to fill out my shot record until I reminded him. Still, what if you’d spent all that time becoming a registered pharmacist, where you think you’ll be safely tucked away from humanity in a bastion of pills and bottles, only to find that you’ll spend the better part of the day jabbing strangers?



  1. I hear you on the twelve year old pharmacists. They are everywhere.
    And am v impressed at your yesterday's achievements.

  2. Congrats. Ours in a few weeks time.

  3. Let us know how this shot treats you.

    1. A little sore at the shot site, but not much else. 😊

  4. I wouldn't like to be spending days jabbing strangers. I could never work in the medical profession.

  5. I had my second booster on Friday but had only some shoulder soreness.

  6. One of my best friends is a pharmacist and her life has changed so much in these past two years. She ends up being the sounding board for everyone regarding vaccinations or not. She does testing as well.
    That's funny about the bandaids! -Jenn

  7. I laughed out loud to think of that hunk with the Frozen bandaid. I got mine a week ago and only had a sore arm, too. Maybe slept a little longer than usual.

  8. Well I'm glad it went well and you didn't have much reaction. A "Frozen" Band-Aid would be kind of cool! (No pun intended, LOL)


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