Saturday, February 19, 2022

That's Entertainment

          It’s incredible how little time we spend now on network tv, especially considering the number of channels available to us, if the cable company’s guide is to be believed.

Offerings have become more and more limited over the past few years, and we seem to be down to nothing more than game shows, reality shows, and poorly written (and acted) American series. Maybe Covid is to blame for halting productions, but HBO doesn’t seem to be cranking out original series the way it used to (Boardwalk Empire, His Dark Materials), and neither do some of the other cable choices like Showtime or AMC. Thank goodness for PBS, with Call the Midwife, All Things Great and Small, and Vienna Blood.

          We’re now Amazon Prime junkies, working our way through years of old British cop shows and enjoying their original productions. It only took about a week of semi-binging to finish off Reacher, a series that I thought was going to be nothing more than a bunch of car chases and a chance for the lead actor to stand around and flex.

          We were pleasantly surprised. If you can cope with the gore, there's an actual plot, with inventive twists and turns, a believably independent female protagonist, a quirky Black character, and a soupçon of comedy. Plus, after any lengthy human interaction, they’ll throw in some gunfire or eye-gouging for the guys. And if there is too much eye-gouging for the ladies, they find a reason for Reacher to take off his shirt. 

                                           Whoa Mama!




  1. We've watched Witcher, Station Eleven, Boba Fett, watching Reacher, Hawkeye.

  2. I just saw that Prime is going up by $20/year, just like everything else, it seems. I use it and also enjoy watching old series. This is one I'll definitely check out, given the eye candy. I am also enjoying 1883 on HBO Max (I think) for the story. I'm kind of glad there isn't that much to watch on TV, since it gives me more hours in my day for other more worthwhile activities.

  3. Whoa Mama indeed, and that's a very young looking Reacher. In the books he is quite a bit older. I have the series in my "to be watched" list and will begin as soon as I get through the last two seasons of Golden Girls.

  4. Looking forward to the next season ( hope there is one). We enjoyed it...

  5. We ditched normal cable/satellite years ago and get along with Netflix, Prime, Acorn, and BritBox.

    We are currently into Reacher, but I am not exactly enchanted with it. As a guy, I am not particularly into the car chases and violence. I am much more a fan of the more sedate British mystery.

  6. Ah, now THIS is a show I haven't seen! (It's not just ladies who might appreciate Reacher's shirtlessness, BTW. :) )

    I was just saying to Dave last night, "When's the last time we watched broadcast television?" We couldn't remember!


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