Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Pricey Paycheck

          I’ve been grateful more than once in the past two years that I’d retired from teaching when I did.

Not that I ever felt unsafe in the city high school where I taught English. Sure, there was the time after school was out and I’d popped in to visit the teacher next door, only to find on my return a former student sitting behind my desk. The student I’d flunked. The one who, as it turned out, had made bail just that day. But with a few exceptions, I really enjoyed my students. No, today’s teaching world is a very different experience: remote teaching – nope, back to the classroom – wait, nope, back to remote. Then the whole, Are my students vaccinated? “Please keep your mask on.” Is this the week I get Covid?

          When my kids were little, I scooped ice cream two evenings a week where the only job hazard was the extra pounds I put on – yes, nuts scarfed up in the freezer are just as tasty frozen. And just as fattening.

          Later, as a Public Access Coordinator, where I gave city residents free lessons in television production, I did have a few edgy moments, but these were when I was alone, prepping the studio for a shoot. I’m not fond of heights in the first place, and standing on a 10-foot ladder reaching a 15-pound Fresnel light to the grid above my head is not my idea of a fun time.

          These guys that I saw on my morning walk yesterday had that beat by a mile.


Untethered roof inspections. 









          And mowing the median strip, but first accessing it by toodling down the road with vehicles whizzing by at 45 miles per hour.




  1. Oh, another person who knows what a Fresnel light is!! And, I expect, how to say it too. Joy. I worked long ago in public television and acquainted myself with the production side so as to understand what I was asking people to do.

    1. Those were fun years. That job took me up in a helicopter, working a telethon, and doing hand-held camera work on stage during a soft-rock performance. I really enjoyed directing three-camera shoots when they build a studio for the high school kids.

  2. There are a surprising number of jobs where the employees risk life and limb each day. They are often not well paid jobs. Our priorities are skewed.

  3. Very interesting and definitely hazardous jobs. :-)

  4. I'm sure you feel as I do that you'd do you're whole career over in a heartbeat. Yes, It's different today. I'm with you. I wouldn't want to teach under these conditions.

  5. I just can’t
    (speaking about the roofers)

  6. Untethered on the roof? Oh boy!
    The former student hiding behind your desk would have scared the life out of me!

  7. Student out on bail waiting for you! Standing on a roof! I picked a job that suited me, librarian. No standing on a roof for me, those guys are brave.

  8. Surely OSHA would frown on those roof inspectors. My mom taught at a university and once got death threats from a student who was subsequently committed involuntarily. Fun times!

  9. I think Fresnel was a word in my crossword puzzle the other day! Yes standing way up on that roof makes me crazy!


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