Monday, December 27, 2021



We were missing one little black and white dog, but otherwise Christmas went swimmingly.

Everyone made it, thanks to negative Covid tests, and in spite of a bit of freezing rain. The three year-old twins were shy at first, but grew braver around the room packed with relatives they only see every year or so, and they weren’t even intimidated by their two big 6 foot teen cousins (although maybe that was the key, since their dad is 6’4”). The youngest of the three boys soon took over child entertainment duties, to the relief of the girls’ parents, who were able to actually sit in a chair and talk to another adult.

          Daughter made her excellent rice with cilantro and lime, and SIL again patiently cranked out his signature Christmas morning omelets filled with smoked salmon and cream cheese.

          The 12 year old’s scooter/sled was a hit, looking so death defying that I wondered what kind of grandmother (me) would give him such a thing.

          But the biggest hit of all was an echo of my own favorite Christmas gift of all time back when I was five. Their Uncle Dan again exhibited his patience by deciphering the instructions and had it set up in no time.



  1. Sounds like a nice family! Lucky kids. I'm glad you all had a good day.

  2. A wonderful Christmas Day. I too miss a certain black and white doggie. :-(

  3. A tent! I remember when my kids got a tent. We set it up in the back yard and didn't see them for hours.

  4. It looks and sounds wonderful, despite the family member who was not there.


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