Monday, August 30, 2021

On Schedule

I was working on book four (tentatively titled Doubly Murdered), but it’s turkey o’clock again. The three bachelors just wandered through the backyard on their afternoon rounds. We usually see them in the morning going one way, and then in the afternoon, headed the other. Next to their well-ordered lives, mine looks like random chaos.


         Our complex has a long drive through a wooded patch before you actually reach any buildings. It begins at Main Street, then winds its way to an island full of bushes where it divides into two passageways, meeting up again on the island’s other side. We’ve learned to travel it slowly since whoever designed our place was big on charming curves and blind spots.

          Good thing, as My Guy reported. He was on his way out early yesterday morning, and just as he was passing the island, two of our bachelor turkeys trotted across the road. He slowed down of course, not only to give them time to pass, but to wait for what he suspected was coming. He’d seen only two turkeys, not three.

          As he sat there, sure enough, the two who’d crossed turned around, re-crossed, and returned, this time with the slow-poke bringing up the rear. 




  1. That's sweet, the two turkeys looking out for the third one.

  2. I hope all your neighbors know to take that road slow, too! Turkeys aren't the brightest birds in the flock. I was going to say I wish I had a life that involved merely going one way in the morning and another at night -- and then I thought, "Well, I kind of DO have that!"


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