Saturday, August 28, 2021

Moving Forward


A sad family event brought us to Long Island yesterday.

The last time several of us saw each other, barely a month ago, was to celebrate a birthday. Now we were meeting for another reason, but remembering together a life that’s passed can be both sad and joyful.

          I couldn’t help but be reminded of my own mortality as we battled our way through New York. With our drives to Florida, we’re no novices to major highways, but the Empire State brings it to a whole other level. We New Englanders have our share of drivers that zip across lanes and back again – turn signal? What turn signal?- like motorized rick rack, but New York driving is almost combative.

          Still, as I white knuckled (or sat as a passenger) along at 65 or 70, multiple cars zinging by at 95 or 100, I still had time to marvel at the life we all lead today.

The car we have now will display the Google map route our phone provides, a blessing when you’re on unfamiliar roads and need a calm voice to remind you your exit is in ½ mile( as opposed to your riding partner’s sudden, “Move over! We have to get off here!!!)

          Even more mind boggling to someone who raised kids with a wall phone in the kitchen instead of instant contact to a hip pocket i-phone, was the circus act of communication that went on at one point in our car:


The map on the dash was displaying a disheartening red line, indicating the 15 minute, 12 mile per hour slowdown ahead.  


I texted back and forth to the dog sitter, Yes, Mamie is terrified of thunder. Yes, thanks, shut the window in the bedroom. 



We spoke to our daughter who was in her own traffic jam heading back to New Jersey.




  1. I am sorry for the reason for your trip - but agree, remembering a life can indeed be both sad and joyful.
    While often appreciating the benefits of new communication technology I do relish time off the grid. Perhaps more than I should.

  2. I'm sorry for the reason you had to travel.
    I do know about driving fast and being passed on both sides. But I've never had this level of tech in my car. No GPS in the current one, too budget. But I live in NJ where it fails to grasp the complexities of our road network and rapidly changing numbers and names. Ss often as not people instruct visitors not to try. Google maps better!
    I grew up without a phone at all! Till my teens. They weren't common in ordinary houses then. We waited seven years on the list to get ours installed.

  3. Another reason to be glad I don't drive. I grew up without a phone, didn't get one until I was about seven months pregnant with my third child. Even then I hardly used it.

  4. Google Maps from your phone to the dashboard where it is a bigger screen. Oy!

  5. It IS amazing all we can do nowadays -- but it's also almost too much at once, isn't it?!

  6. I think being able to have a guide on my dashboard is incredible. And yes, what a change from the wall phone we grew up with. I love how technology has evolved our road trips. :-)


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