Monday, August 23, 2021

Not out of the woods yet


          In the way that the chair you choose on the first day of class is yours for the duration, my spot at my oldsters aerobics class seems to have become the left-hand side, one row from the front.

Not the best, since there are two women and occasionally a man, who hoot back and forth to each other, cracking wise and honking with laughter. Since the chairs are still placed for "Covid distancing", choices are limited.

          I’d hoped to get there early enough today to land somewhere else, but by the time I arrived the only seat (we use chairs for some of the weight lifting) available was front row, left. I parked my weights and water and went back across the gym (right side) to talk to a friend.  I explained I hadn’t been able to come last week due to a family visit, and then complained about my location. My friend offered one next to her that she’d been saving for someone who she’d learned wasn’t coming.

          I quickly grabbed my stuff and emigrated to saner territory. Good thing, since she said, “You’re better off over here anyway. See that guy over there?” She pointed to a man a few seats from my original position. “Last week he told us he’s not vaccinated and doesn’t intend to get the vaccine OR wear a mask.”


  1. I am so glad that your friend was there. And even gladder that she gave you the information about 'that man'. I suspect you will take good care to be well away from him in future weeks.

  2. What is it with these people who don't get vaxxed or wear a mask? It's beyond me what causes some people to become insane like that.

    1. I can't wait for an opportunity (if I had the nerve) to say to them,
      "So - you don't stop for red lights or stop signs either?"

  3. So how far away from the unvaccinated man are you? That stuff travels by air and hangs around in the air for sometime we are told. I'd recommend having the mask on before you enter and keep it on until well after you leave. Or speak to the owner/manager/trainer and ask that he be asked to leave.

  4. There was that lady in the news who proclaimed that if god had wanted us to wear masks, we would have been born that way. I wanted to ask her about her bra. Someone else wondered if coming out of the birth canal wearing glasses (which she does) was problematic.

  5. Oh my. I cannot believe that those who care about their health in exercise are too ignorant and dangerous to get the shot.


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