Saturday, July 3, 2021

Testosterone City

     I think I’ve earned my stripes, but these guys were acting as though I was a raw beginner. 

    I made another foray into the group of Pickleballers at the YMCA this week. I’d tried it there a couple of years ago, but didn’t much enjoy the level of competition there and hadn’t returned. Now I felt ready. 

    My skills had really improved after twice-weekly playing, 3 or 4 hours per day, over this past winter and I was ready. I marched into the gym with my water bottle, paddle, and a handful of self-confidence. There was one other woman and 12 men. Still, I could do this, and when it was my turn I took my place on the court and we began. 

     I hadn’t picked up a paddle since early April but I was playing reasonably well. Yet in spite of their initial friendliness, the men were all playing as though each game was the final trials for the Pickleball Olympics.  Before one game,  a chunky guy turned to me and said with a smile, “We’re just here to have fun, right?” but then became grim-faced, berating himself under his breath whenever he missed a shot. 

     I knew I was done, D O N E, when before serving, the guy on the opposite team gestured for me to move toward him.  Did he want to talk to me? Why was he motioning me to him? I stayed where I was. With a patronizing smirk worthy of Bill Murray, he gestured again. My partner explained that the guy - on the other team - was pointing out where I should stand. 

      At this point in life I’m so finished with this sort of nonsense. 

      I responded to him that I’d stand where I wanted to and then I scored a point off the jerk. Just wondering: would he have done that if the new player that day had been a man?  



  1. This is why I'll vote for damn near any woman over a man for the same political position....if they are democratic and not bat shit crazy trumpites. I've seen this for my 75 years, and have raised two daughters who would kneecap men like that. My sympathies, and my apologies.

  2. I'd be done too. I don't need that kind of environment.

    1. And I was really looking forward to having somewhere to play.

  3. Huge sigh.
    And I am very glad that you took a point from him. Gesturing? He was unable to talk? Hiss and spit.

  4. Hmm. There was a time when I played tennis almost daily with a group of guys. Although we always tried our best, I don't think we were like that. Of course, I don't don't how they would have behaved toward women.

  5. I've been in similar situations where playing a game "just for fun" turned into high competition. Definitely not for me! And no, I doubt that guy would have done that to another man.

  6. Yes, the consensus is that he wouldn't act that way with another man. What a creep! I'm glad you got to one-up him at least a little. :-)


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