Friday, October 16, 2020

Mask Tasks



   I’m currently in another episode of mask making. My sewing comes in fits and spurts, usually coinciding with a need to be doing something, and given today’s world I may have to start up making quilts again. This latest project was also triggered by my realization that our twin grandgirls are almost halfway past two, and so in some places may be required to wear a mask. Since they don’t go to daycare, and their outings are mostly to parks, there hasn’t been any pressing need, but they did have a doctor’s appointment this past week.


     This is a fun project for me since it’s quick, and I get to shop for and then work with, material that is so cute it’s ridiculous. 

I’m unlikely to make myself anything covered in somersaulting penguins or multicolored dogs, but for the toddler set anything goes. 


And since my sewing area is upstairs I can just leave everything spilling out everywhere – not that there's anyone  dropping by to tsk tsk at my mess.










    Happily I was able to provide one batch in time for the pediatrician visit.

 (With their masks on, it's hard to believe they're not identical, isn't it?)


  1. Super cute - and I am impressed at your masks too.
    We have had no cases here in nearly three months and mask wearing is minimal. I fear that the tide can and will turn though.

  2. Little darlings! Your ambition is admirable- my sewing machine has not seen the light of day for about six years, I got a new one and I hate it so there it sits in the dark on the floor of the coset. Sorry i gave my old one away. Your masks are happy masks! Love them!

  3. They're beautiful, the babies and the masks.

  4. Aw, so cute! I seem to have accumulated quite a stash of masks myself. When I'm done with one, I put it into a mesh bag for washing along with all the others.

  5. The kids are so cute in their masks! Do they resist wearing them? I love that dog fabric.

    1. They seemed okay with them when I visited, but who knows. They are two years old, after all.


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