Friday, September 18, 2020

Idiots, Chickens, and Ducks

Yesterday I popped into a local semi-fancy ladies’ shop in hopes of finding something on their sale rack, the only way I would ever buy anything there.

I really needed a new pair of jeans and in today’s world all the dressing rooms are locked tight. Any woman with any sense knows you need to try on at least 10 pairs before you find your prince. These were originally $99. Yes, that’s what I said. Insane. After 40% off the sale price, $1.75 because I’m a previous shopper, and another 20% off that (Or something like that. Math is not my strongpoint), they were $28.

          And the fitting room was open, so I know they fit. This was epic since it was the only pair of jeans of any kind in my size.              But never mind all that. The reason I mention it is the conversation that drifted over as I was still digging through the merchandise. I wasn’t paying much attention so it was mostly “yadda, yadda, yadda” between a sales lady and a shopper. But I perked up when the sales lady snarked something to the effect of, “gotta wear the masks, you know, it’s just political correctness.” Aaaargh!


          Today we went for a drive, grabbed a burger at a roadside drive-in with extensive picnic tables, and drove on to a winery a few more miles down the road. 



Mamie didn’t know what to make of the chickens, which were all over the place and of every possible description. We didn’t sample any wine, having just eaten, but did buy a couple of bottles.


  We were intrigued by a stop sign at the arch into the sampling room, instructing drivers to “Stop! Honk horn for attendant.”

 I couldn’t for the life of me figure it out, so I asked. Turns out, it’s a Covid thing. You drive your car right through the building, past the tasting counter, get your bottle and continue onto the road.




        Last note – we texted chicken pictures to the New Jersey daughter and she countered with a duck picture.


It seems the boy across the street was so saddened by never seeing his friends during lockdown that his parents caved and got him some ducks. Downside: they’re pooping all over the lawn and now the family has to figure out winter accommodations for them. I told her she’d better hope the vaccine comes soon or she’ll be looking at goats next spring.



  1. Ducks would be the last thing I would think of, for making a boy feel less lonely...but they do waddle and the do be cute! Jeans- forget it
    ! Still wearing sweats! Glad you got a proper pair for a decent price- lucky !Mamie's wheels are turning "food or squeaky toy?"

  2. It is years since I have bought jeans. And yes, they do require multiple try ons.
    Perhaps the family can view the ducks as fertilising their lawn, as well as keeping their boy happy?

  3. I haven't bought a pair of jeans in years! I can't afford them either, so may have to try (oh ye Gods!) secondhand stores, where I always check the seams on the inside to be sure they haven't been worn "commando". Usually there is some sort of stain that hasn't washed out, so back on the rack they go and I go home to my elastic waisted trackie-daks.

  4. I was also in a fitting room yesterday. Anything that we tried on but didn't choose had to go in a bin for several days before they would re-hang it.

  5. I also used to wear jeans but gave them to the Goodwill years ago when I realized I didn't wear them any more. I haven't been to any stores to buy clothes since the pandemic. And it's more that political correctness to wear a mask! Glad I live in a reasonable place where everybody wears them.

  6. Congratulations! Finding a pair of jeans that fits is always a reason to celebrate! Ducks as pets? I don't think these people were thinking long term. -Jenn

  7. If I'd heard that, I believe I would have been tempted to leave the store without buying!

  8. About ten years ago I discovered my favorite jeans were wearing thin. Gloria Vanderbilts. I googled and found my jeans in a flash. I have bought the same style for years, because they fit, every time, in my bedroom. I buy her in corduroy, in jeans, in colors. No wonder Anderson loved her.

  9. Im wearing leggings, the kind with no feet, they work for everything. The large ones stretched out so I wear those at home and if I ever go out in public again I can wear the mediums.

    I love ducks, the way I love dogs. someone else's ducks are cool, but not in my are they going to keep them warm this winter? The images that come to mind suggest they may be returned to a farm...

  10. sorry having trouble posting here. It's been that kind of day

  11. lovethe ducks, but you're right, it could be a long winter for them (and for the family as they gather around the fireplace to keep warm =)


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