Saturday, July 25, 2020

Anticipation and Annoyance

Each year, after a particular medical appointment, I treat myself with some shopping therapy afterwards. Like it was all meant to be, the store sits practically next door to the medical offices.

          So there I was on Friday, my internal body matters dealt with; now it was time to take care of the outer woman. Mask on, I entered the store, my pulse quickening a bit. This was my first time in a clothing store since March. I wouldn’t have to guess about something from a picture on line, then wait a week or more for it to arrive! I could touch it and feel it in person. Shorts, my daily uniform since the beginning of June, were nowhere to be seen. I did, however,find tee shirts, the other half of my uniform. I must have thought a time machine had whisked me back a year because I sailed off, unthinking, to the dressing rooms.

         No dice. But then I asked myself - did I really want to go into a dressing room and try on clothes?

          Driving home, I pulled up to a stop sign in the center of our small town. In front of me was an El Camino, a sort of Chevy half-n-half from the late 1960s, car in front, and a low truck bed in back, which on this vehicle in front of me was retrofitted with a lid over the bed. In it sat two guys being all cool with shaved heads and sunglasses, growing restive at the long wait to turn. 

          While I sat there behind them, I had plenty of time to see into the back since the tailgate was down. Inside were two cases of Gatorade and a six-pack of Red Bull cans, all of which seemed precipitously close to the edge. I mused that they must have secured them in some way I couldn’t see. Who would just sling things in, leaving the back open?

          They peeled out with a dramatic left turn, and yes, everything flew out of the back onto the road as they revved off into the distance, oblivious they’d lost their cargo.

          Because I am a flawed person, I felt the petty satisfaction of being right, but it was replaced by annoyance at the cans and plastic bottles now all over the road, littering our tidy center of town.


  1. You are mostly definitely NOT the only flawed person. I share those particular flaws - and would also have been irritated that the litter.

  2. Replies
    1. Yes, there was definitely some smirking happening.

  3. I get your sense of satisfaction.

  4. I would have run the identical gamut of emotions. Damn fools.

  5. I would have the same feelings. Perhaps the tailgate was closed but not secure and flipped open without them noticing.

  6. Your feelings are shared by many, me included. What oblivious people!

  7. Oh, brother. What a couple of losers.

    And why are fitting rooms closed for coronavirus? Seems that now they've decided that surfaces aren't the source of most infections, a fitting room would be pretty safe.

    It's funny that the El Camino picture is watermarked "" El Caminos aren't from the UK! (And that picture DEFINITELY isn't from the UK!)

  8. I hope their "debris" didn't hit anyone!


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