Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Market Report

No, not the stock market, although a day in the grocery store can have the same emotional ups and downs.

          There was the moment in the coffee aisle when I found that a box of my favorite tea – nothing fancy, mind you – would run me almost $7.

          Or the inexplicable unavailability of Pam, that spray to grease baking pans.
 I made a note to put it on my next what-to-hoard list.

          There were the usual decisions to be made, some even political.

  And this one really had me flummoxed, to the point where I searched out a price scanner to verify what I could see with my own eyes:

Two bottles of the same olive oil, one 23 fluid ounces, the other 16+. And they were both the same price. So let’s see – I could pay $7.99 for the smaller, or $7.99 for the larger.

          I did come away with some good news. We can now go back to bringing in our own cloth grocery bags and no longer have to struggle with those slippery plastic bags that inevitably open and spill lemons and couscous boxes across the trunk.

          Side note: I wonder if that’s what happened to one of my neighbors. Last night, during dog-walking hour, which in our complex seems to be an unofficial 7 p.m., I came across the owner of the adorable black and white shih tzu. She had a leash in one hand and a big pink grapefruit in the other. She’d found it in the street. It must be nice to return home having scored something other than a bag of poop.


  1. Odd, very odd. I wish we could start bringing our own cloth bags again. I have a huge stash of plastic bags and I can't even use them for garbage (they must be clear in my municipality). Just guessing, but did you buy the larger olive oil? -Jenn

  2. You betcha!
    And I would swear I've seen the two sizes priced the same in the past. Very curious.

  3. I wish I could bring my own bags again. I bag up all those bags and put them in the trash. How awful.

  4. You are brave going in the grocery store! I take my own bags...I stand at the hatchback take the cart from the curbside delivery person and then disinfect everything and put it in my own bags...some people stare...I don't care:)

  5. slippery plastic bags should be knot tied to prevent spillage.
    @Joanne; is there not a store facility where the empty bags can be returned to be sent to recycling?

  6. We can bring in our own bags now, too. I had been taking my groceries out in the cart and transferring everything to my own bags instead of using more plastic. The price of many favorites has skyrocketed here as well. :-(

  7. I'll have to check next time I go and see if they are letting us bring our own bags again. it wouldn't be so bad but too many baggers just put on or two items per bag. I keep a cardboard box 18 x 18 x 12 in my trunk to put those roly poly bags in.


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