Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Far and Near

    Okay, it was tongue-in-cheek, but you've gotta love this anyway. 
The Puyallup Police Department in Washington state posted this notice on their Facebook page:
     Due to local cases of #COVID-19, PPD is asking all criminal activities and nefarious behavior to cease. We appreciate your anticipated cooperation in halting crime & thank all criminals in advance. We will certainly let you know when you can resume your normal criminal behavior. 

     Meanwhile, on the home front - or at my daughter's - the first day of school was in session yesterday for our youngest grandson. School at home, that is.
At the end of the day, the teachers sent out a warm congratulatory note to the families on the success of the day, and my daughter confirmed it in a call to me. 

 The two teenage older brothers' school session begins today. 

Can't wait to hear how she manages with one husband working from home, one 15-year-old, one 17-year-old, and the 10 year-old, all needing a quiet place to work and everybody staying on task.


  1. That PPD notice is hilarious. Thanks for the chuckles. :-)

  2. Challenging times ahead. The world over.
    I do like the police humour though.

  3. Are these school sessions official. It sounds like it.

    1. Absolutely. All the boys are in direct communication with their teachers. The interesting thing is, much of what they're doing on line at home they were already accessing from the schoolroom.

  4. It's a new world. They'll be fine. The children, anyway.

  5. I'm sure they'll work something out so everyone gets the work done. Just like being in a classroom where they all must be quiet and get stuff done really.


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