Thursday, March 19, 2020

Pandemic and Pitchforks

Yeesh. My daughter texted yesterday that the first confirmed case of the coronavirus in her town has been reported.
Actually, it’s barely a town, being an “unincorporated community and census-designated place” of about 1,800. To my mind, that’s a little creepier than learning about it in your own larger city. But that may just be the mom (and grandmom) in me. Wherever you are, it only takes one contact.

          This set me thinking. She has no idea who the person is. We discussed the ambulance siren she’d heard in her neighborhood yesterday, but I offered the cheery note that perhaps it was just a good old heart attack.

          I understand the need to keep the identity of the patient private, if only to avoid a neighborhood pitchfork scene, but hopefully it works like contracting an STD? Do the authorities make an effort to discover and reach out to anyone who’d been in contact with the person in question? Or should more information be provided to the public?

          But on a happier note, see below Mamie’s reaction to sun, grass, and freedom, something we could all use a lot more of right now.


  1. I think it would be prudent to contact people the sick person has been around.

  2. I believe that is what is done here, they contact people who may have been in contact with the ones who test positive. I'm glad people are starting to take it more seriously. Oh, to be oblivious as Mamie! Take care - Jenn

  3. I think the health authorities do that, don't they -- contact tracing? Unless the pandemic is so widespread at this point that they can't keep up anymore.

  4. In North Dakota a child has the virus and the school was notified and sent out notices ...I would think that the Public Health people would be notified and the word would get out but then there is hippa so who knows:(

  5. Hooray for Mamie's very obvious joy.
    Authorities here DO try and contact people that those confirmed with the dread virus have contacted. It is a bit of an uphill battle though.

  6. Mamie's got the right idea. I think I'll just roll around outside for awhile and maybe I'll feel better. You made me laugh out loud about the heart attack. :-)

  7. I believe disclosure authority is higher up the chain of command. A higher pay grade, as they say.
    I'd settle just for sunshine.

  8. LOVE Mamie rolling in the grass :)
    We have coronavirus cases here in my city and people are being more careful every day. I heard on the news that California is in lockdown. our Australian borders are closing tonight at 9pm, only Australian citizens coming home will be allowed in and they will have to be isolated for 14 days on arrival.

  9. I have heard of no cases YET of cases in our town (10 000) and vicinity, but it will happen.


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