Tuesday, October 1, 2019

The Egg and I

(Apologies to Betty MacDonald for stealing her title, but I couldn't resist. Very funny book, by the way, even if it did come out in 1945.)
          Today’s Marketplace morning report on NPR announced that the country is experiencing a glut of eggs, a phenomenon we’re experiencing right here at home.

          On my last trip to the grocery store I bought a 1 and ½ dozen carton, forgetting that I had at least half a dozen sitting in the fridge at home. Eggs keep pretty well, so no big deal. Except we’re leaving in a matter of days and will be gone for a month. Not sure I want to come home to 30 day-old eggs.

          With decades in the kitchen, I figured I was up to the task.

          Sunday morning : obviously – scrambled eggs.                      5 down

          Monday morning breakfast – me:  hard-boiled egg                1 down

          Monday night:breaded pork chops (dipped 1st in beaten egg)1 down

 baked custard                                                4 down

          Tuesday lunch: egg salad sandwiches                                     3 down

                      dinner: oven-fried chicken (dipped in guess what)     1 down

                                  spinach souffle                                                3 down

          For the days-long trek in the car: hardboiled eggs                 4 down

In the meantime, another breakfast or maybe a quiche and I may just have this covered.

I just hope we won’t need to have our cholesterol levels checked anytime soon.


  1. It was indeed a funny book.
    I suspect I would be so egged out after your diet of the last few days I wouldn't eat another egg for months. And then of course when I needed one wouldn't have any to hand.

  2. I imagine when you are done with that 2 dozen in such a short time you will be off eggs for a while.

  3. Ha! Making fair use of those eggs, it seems to me. And your cholesterol will recover. I hope. :-)

  4. And I am unable to purchase a carton of a mere half dozen eggs.

  5. Quiches can be frozen, so you may want to make a few in different flavours next time you have so many eggs that need to be used up. Then when you come home again, you'll have dinner ready in just the time it takes to thaw and heat a quiche. I need to make some baked custards today and hard boil a couple of my eggs.

  6. I was going to recommend quiche as well. That's what I do when we have an overabundance of eggs (as we usually do). -Jenn

  7. I think cholesterol will be fine. AFAIK the egg scare was over the top.


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