Saturday, September 21, 2019

Garden State

      We're here in New Jersey for the weekend overseeing the 3 grandboys while their parents take a bite out of the Big Apple.
Their father is adjusting to a major birthday. Ironically, we grandparents would be thrilled to see that age again. 
       The kids are so old now that our duties mostly run to just driving one to work or  watching the other two head out the door as they go off to their friends, with occasional time outs for lunch or dinner at local eateries. 
       Not sure how much sleep I'll get tonight. Their massive orange cat Marvin is barricaded in the basement to stave off a 5 a.m. wake-up call, but the delicate female Dusty refuses to go. She's decided instead that I'm her new best friend and when she's not clawing at the bedroom door to be let in/out, she's pasted next to me in bed with barnacle-like determination. 


  1. Have fun. Bitter experience suggests you WILL get that 5am wake-up call. Dusty and Marvin are almost certainly cahooters from way back and one or other of them will wake you.

  2. Sounds like you're having a wonderful time, grandkids are easier when they're mostly self-sufficient. I don't think I'd like to go back and see any major (or minor) birthdays again. I'm happy getting older.

  3. That cat is really bonded to you. I don't think I could handle a night like that.

  4. my grands are all grown now except the last and she's 18.

  5. Yes, it's fun to see people whimper over a birthday that sounds like another name for Youth. Time goes marching on with no letup. Cats live unapologetic about their needs. :-)

  6. How do those cats feel about Mamie? And vice versa?

  7. At this age, I have less sympathy than you can even imagine for anyone under the age of 40 whining, yes, whining, about how OLD they are. It's like a ritual of aging, that you're supposed to whimper with every falling hair, and peer into the mirror to find YET another wrinkle.

    It's part of the heredity process, sadly. Sonme people get grey early, just like Mom, or Daddy, or Grampa, some defy all of that well into their 60s and 70s, just like Uncle Arthur. Wrinkles? Stay out of the sun.

    I love the image of cat-barnacles. Mine has just, after four years, realized he can, indeed, sleep on the bed with us. The other one is still thinking it over. I've had cats that would sleep on my pillow, my head, between us, under my husband's beard, drooling happily...

    I agree with River. I'd not go back if you paid me. Then again, for a considerable amount I might think about it...


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