Friday, September 20, 2019

Easy Rider

          This morning after visiting our library, I turned onto Main Street in our small town. I'd had to wait a minute for a person on a motorcycle to go by before I could turn. Now granted, it is a small town, and no, there is no traffic light in its center, but people have been know to zip through the center pretty quickly.
       As he went by I noticed something unusual about the rider. 
       He was basically riding in a "Look, Ma, no hands!" style. 
       Reason: he was texting on his phone. 


  1. Good grief. I trust your state has fines for that. Of course, you have to catch them first.

  2. I suspect his riding career (and possibly more) is limited.

  3. Stories about texting when you shouldn't never fail to amaze.

  4. Well, well, well. He's made it all the way from Ohio to New England!

    1. So sounds like you've had a sighting yourself, Joanne!

  5. Texting on a bike?? Stupidity knows no bounds.


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