Saturday, August 18, 2018

Critical Information for Your Saturday

          So, while wandering around the internet when I should have been weeding the garden and prepping the upstairs for Tuesday’s incoming company, I visited Time Goes By.
Blogger Ronnie had posted her weekly list of interesting things, among them pictures of things that are actually larger than most of us realize. The best one was of a woman holding a wombat.

          Whoa! thought I. I’ve gotta look that up!

          On Wikipedia I learned that they’re not particularly aggressive, but don’t follow them down into their burrow. A wombat’s defense is to block the passage with their round rump, which is toughened and made predominately of cartilage. When the predator tries to push its head over the fat fuzzy back, the wombat uses its strong legs to crush the intruder’s skull against the roof of the tunnel.

          But really, take a gander at this video of wombats. What is a Wombat? 
          Adorable! Furry bodies the size and shape of beach balls.

 Mamie had better look out.



I think I’m in love. 


  1. They are cute, but like all animals they seem to have their limits!

  2. You know, I've heard of wombats, but I don't know if I've ever seen one -- and like you, I had no idea they were so large! Loved the video!

  3. Wombats are charming animals - but if you (or your garden) is in their way, watch out. Furry bulldozers.

  4. I have zero knowledge of wombats. Thank you for getting me started. Are they marsupials? -Jenn

  5. I like wombats, from a distance. close enough to see details, but not so close I might get scratched by claws. I wouldn't hold one. I have held a koala, very briefly.


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