Monday, August 20, 2018

Bath and Bed

As I sit and type this, the sweet aroma of dog shampoo is wafting up from my tee shirt, which is drenched.
Mamie and I both now smell wonderful, a little bonus after giving her a bath – much needed on her part, hopefully not so needed for me.  Poor Mamie – this is the price of having her people invite other people (non-dog people) to stay over.

When I cook, I just roll up my sleeves and storm the kitchen with whatever I have on. I only use my apron when bathing the dog, so when I pull it out, she knows bad things are coming and immediately burrows under the bed, so it looks as though I might as well retire it except for major holidays when I’m cooking in spangles and velvet.

          We have a divided sink, and as a result, one side isn’t even big enough for wrestling with a broiler pan. (Side question – anyone out there switch to a single sink from a double? And how do you feel about that?) Fortunately, at 13 pounds, Mamie just fits.

          After spraying, sudsing, scraping eye goop off her muzzle, and rinsing, and my entirely fruitless attempt to towel her dry, she still looks bedraggled and damp.
          She must have survived the excitement, though, or maybe it was that bit of chicken I gave her afterwards, because she’s elected to sit nearby, under a dining chair. Wait until the hefty guys come tramping through the house this afternoon with our new mattress. 


  1. She looks really clean. And she'll dry eventually. I used to have a double sink, which I loved, but when we moved away and found a place with a single sink, now I think prefer it. :-)

  2. If ever we get the cat cages out (or even knock against them) the cat(s) velcro themselves to the carpet in the furtherst corner under the bed.
    Their memories are excellent.
    Your girl looks beautiful, and I hope the trauma of the delivery passes quickly.

  3. Well, she looks nice to hide under the bed.

  4. Dogs and children are so much alike. They love to play in water or just puddles, but baths are a big no-no. I'm sure Mamie feels a little more comfortable now though.

  5. This is tame stuff. I remember when we used to bathe our cat. :)

    1. Oh my gosh, you're right. Our long-haired cat Coolidge was allergic to fleas and I had to bath her in special shampoo once a week.
      Now THAT's excitement.

  6. Why do we have to spell "bath" when it is time. They do learn quickly what that word means don't they? She looks marvelous.

  7. Minnie doesn't really like her baths though she does stoically tolerate them. she loves the towelling off though and the being clean. when I take her outside to continue to dry she runs huge loops around the yard.

  8. I used to give Chance baths in the tub, then he got too heavy...poor Mamie hope she forgives you:)


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