Thursday, August 16, 2018

Good Times Are Here Again

Release the white doves, ignite the fireworks, and fling the confetti.

          I’ve finally, finally been to see my primary care doctor (he’s been on vacation) and all is well. Okay, there is the small matter of an appointment with a gastroenterologist, a likely MRI, followed by the removal of my gall bladder, but as far as I’m concerned, all is right with the world.

          I can – in moderation – renew my love affair with Mr. Cheese and sparingly break out the butter dish again. I won’t have to live out my remaining days on plain rice and dry turkey.

          Can you imagine a world without a little Brie, or the occasional, very occasional juicy slab of prime rib? Neither could I.

          But best of all, my time-travel to the days of Prohibition is over, so on my way home from the doctor’s yesterday I picked up a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc and slapped that baby into the fridge. As I was preparing dinner, I poured myself a half glass and it went down just fine.

          Funny thing, though. Tonight I thought about the pounds I’d dropped in the past three weeks and also realized I hadn’t missed alcohol all that much.

I had seltzer with dinner tonight.


  1. Wonderful news about the restrictions being lifted.
    A half glass of wine from time to time sounds good. As does Brie. Cheese is a very big weakness for me.

  2. Nice to hear you are so much better now. Cheese isn't a big deal with me, I love it but can leave it alone. But it took a scary episode in February to get me off the ice cream I'd been shovelling in.

  3. I've been having less alcohol in the evenings and haven't missed it all that much. I would hate to be told I couldn't have any, though. Glad you're better, even if there's a bit of uncomfortableness ahead. :-)

  4. It's hard to give up favorite foods (and drinks). I'm glad to hear you're feeling better and can take a nip now and then if you choose.

  5. bravo, bravo. It's those lost pounds that would ring my bell, but the rest ain't too bad either.

  6. When I added Lyrica for pain to my repertoire, I had to quit alcohol. Didn't miss it.


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