Saturday, January 6, 2018

Heebie Jeebies

Over the past week, Mamie’s gone from
being trapped indoors due to artic cold, then stuck in a car for two twelve hour days – broken only by an overnight in an unfamiliar hotel room, and then plunked into our home here in Florida. She’s adjusted pretty well for a jumpy little dog.

Now that we’re here, she even remembers which door is ours in this world of matching buildings and enjoys all the new smells on our walks through the complex.

Last night, though, maybe it all came to a head.

We had settled into our bed, Mamie into hers next to us. My Guy even said that on his midnight run to the bathroom he'd heard her snoring.

      Then at 1:30 a.m. I woke suddenly to a shaking dog cemented to my side. She stamped back and forth between us, but for twenty minutes no amount of patting or reassurances helped.

          The condo was dead silent. Had the ice maker clunking in the night woken her? If there had been voices outside she would have barked.

          All we could deduce was that it must have been a tiny dog nightmare. 
Making up for lost sleep from last night.


  1. my Minnie is like that. any noise, no matter how muffled and sometimes I can't even hear anything, that sounds anything like a gun shot or firework will send her trembling and panting and pacing and no amount of reassurance will calm her.

    1. Still new to this whole dog thing, not having had one since I was a kid. Our cats never carried on like this. About all they ever did was walk across at random times in the night.

  2. Poor Marnie. I hope her catch-up sleep helped. And that all of you are able to sleep through the night again.

  3. I only had big dogs who didn't give a damn. An oversized standard collie. Though when he went blind, he did bark madly if some fool rearranged the furniture or dropped their coat in the middle of the floor.

  4. Sometimes I wish our loved furbabies could tell us what's wrong. I do hope a good night's sleep will help the little one. And you, too.

  5. That cracked my heart a little, poor Mamie. perhaps it was nothing more than delayed reaction to all the recent moving about? I hope she feels safe enough again now to sleep well.

  6. Bless her heart. It must have been a bad dream. She sure is a sweetie pie.

  7. Awww, poor girl! I wonder what spooked her? Maybe just waking up in a new(ish) place unsettled her.


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