Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Diogenes in Florida

          Yesterday in Target my shopping basket was filled with success.
I had managed to find everything I had gone there for, plus several things that I needed but hadn’t put on my list. I found reading glasses, kitchen scissors, a small mirror, and a pair of joggers (what we used to call sweatpants).

Then at the end of an aisle was a display of Brita filters (score!) and a few aisles later a rug for in front of the kitchen sink (score again!).

After walking the length and breadth and length again of the store, I finally found the checkout area. I smilingly told the checkout lady that along with the overhead signs indicating “Kids” “Cosmetics” and so forth, they needed one pointing out the front of the store for the directionally challenged.

I paid, took my purchases, and went home.

I walked the dog.

I chatted with My Guy.

I poured a glass of gingerale.

I took the rug out of the bag.

I reached in the bag for my other purchases.


I checked the trunk of the car.


I must have had a second bag and left it in the cart at the parking lot.

I drove the 15 minutes back to Target. Nothing in any of the carts near where I’d parked. I went to the checkout line I’d used, thinking perhaps I’d left the bag there.


I approached Customer Service, hoping, but not really believing.

I said, “Brita filter, reading glasses, kitchen scissors, sweatpants, mirror.”

She dug in a bin, unknotted a Target bag, and Eureka!

She said, “Either someone turned it in, or one of our staff found it when they were gathering carriages.”


  1. Yay! The best outcome for the day. Thanks for putting a smile on my face this morning. :-)

  2. You got lucky! I've had people leave behind a bag of groceries at the checkout and we just stash it behind us or send it to the fridges if it has dairy or meat products, but stuff left in carts outside doesn't often get brought back in by random strangers.

  3. Lucky ducky. Or sweat pants, or whatever.

  4. You were very lucky indeed. I hope it is the start of a lucky streak.

  5. Most people are kind and honest. I know that.

  6. That's an experience that all of us have had but didn't like it. Good you found it


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