Saturday, March 11, 2017

Public (and Publix) appearance

     Late in the afternoon I made a dash to the grocery store to pick up a rotisserie chicken (how, or how did I survive before they came on the scene?) to make a salad for incoming company.
I was midway through deciding whether I had plain yogurt at home and would the visitors mind scallions in their salad when a familiar face walked by. This is unusual enough here in Florida, where we only know a handful of people.
     But this face was familiar in a different way. I recognized his shaved head, small build, and mustache because I had last seen them on stage, playing a lead in the production of Crazy for You.
     His last appearance had been singing and dancing in front of applauding (and paying) patrons of the arts and now he here was in a green Publix shirt and name badge, gathering up carriages. 

FYI, just before I turned out the light last night I was treated to a different public display at the end of the bed.


  1. Small world. That display on the end of the bed made me smile, wishing I could be as relaxed as all that. :-)

  2. That's the beauty of local theater.

  3. I tend to assume the local theater folks work full time as actors. I'm always surprised at how many do other kinds of work to support their passion, acting.

  4. Did you tell him he did a great job?

  5. It is a very small world.
    Wouldn't it be WONDERFUL to be able to relax as well as a cat or a dog. I envy their suppleness too (says the woman who is a supple as a brick and getting less limber by the day).

  6. Is that Mamie? She looks different...

  7. Ah, the day job -- the curse of artists everywhere!


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