Friday, April 4, 2014

Spring in My World

Everyone experiences Spring differently depending on where they live. Here in Western Massachusetts the seasons are, as usual, being obstinate.
Winter still hangs on with thirty degree temps at night, and Spring is being annoyingly shy.  Silly behavior considering how welcome she will be. If parades and noise makers would do the trick, we'd strike up the marching bands in a heartbeat. 
Our arbor still looks like an illustration out of Edward Gorey.
The forsythia is only beginning to bud, and the phlox is still grey with winterkill. Nevertheless, in my world the signs are subtle, but they're there if you know what to look for.                                                                                                 

Outside the YMCA, the piles of mulch have grown to epic proportions.

Our road - badly constructed and only 
serving three houses - is molting bits 
and pieces of itself thanks to the town 
snow plows.

The deer have begun work on the 
 new buds as they appear.
Note the neatly (deer) clipped ends of the hydrangea.

        Our wood pile is dwindling. 


 And the spring run-off has created the

     yearly temporary brook through our 


There are also the more traditional signs:
Literally the only bloom in the yard. 

A baby hosta? I can never remember
what's in the garden from one year
to the next.      

But we're not quite there yet:


  1. The blue sky in your first picture is the right color, too. Warmer. Not much, but warmer.

    1. Yes, Joanne - the blue sky was glorious, if short-lived!

  2. Looks similar to my part of Michigan, except that I have not seen a flower, and the snow in the yard is GONE.

    1. I should look at a map once in a while. We may be of the same general longitude. Although you might have the delightful "lake effect" phenomenon going on.

  3. This is a lovely look of the positive signs of spring up your way. Thanks for sharing them with us :)

  4. Great description of spring being reluctant. It will come.

    1. Hopefully some time before July. Why has this year's winter felt so long?


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