Sunday, March 23, 2014

Educated Minds

Here's my latest contribution to 
       Five Sentence Fiction. 
This week's prompt is    Ruins. 

You'll find other entries at:
Lillie McFerrin Writes

A half-dead fly buzzed sporadically at the spit-ball-dotted window. The khaki shade was at half mast and tapped in the frame with the early spring breeze, while the noon sun entered uninvited with each gust. One row of desks remained in alignment, a stark contrast to the rest of the room with its overturned chairs. Inside, silence, though a clock ticked and a forgotten paper fluttered; outside, raucous voices called to one another, music blared, and a siren screamed. 
The building was at last discarded, unwanted if not unneeded; the inevitable result of theories, testing, and the rejection of common sense. 


  1. Excellent imagery and message!

    1. I tried to follow you, but it wouldn't let me.

    2. Thanks for your kind comment and your attempts to join up, Ann.
      If only I had the technological expertise to fix the problem :(

  2. Beautiful imagery ...made it so alive :)

  3. Your five sentences are so thought-provoking. I read them and feel like I've read a book!

    1. Kind thoughts, Henny Penny.
      It sure went a lot faster than the 60,000 word novel I'm sending out to the publishing world.


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