Sunday, March 16, 2014

Borrowed Spring

      This weekend my friends and I decided to leave the well-aged snow in our yards behind and go to the Boston Flower Show for an injection of spring. The smell of fresh things blooming when we walked through the doors was promising, but once we started down an aisle, the next thing we knew, it was time to shop!

It was easy to lose sight of our mission.

We began to drift farther and
farther from the whole idea of 

It began to just get silly. I mean,
would you go to a flower show
with the thought,
"I'll just pick up a few steak knives."??

The marketing people had really stretched
the connections between the event and
the items for sale.

Although we did our part. Several
bars of handmade soap and a few
scarves later, we were enthusiastically
buying in to the whole concept.

But wait - were we getting closer?

We had arrived!


  1. This is a spirit lifter. You're right about the snow; it can be overlooked. Thanks for the great afternoon at the show.

    1. At this time of year, I can't get enough flowers, Joanne, either in real life, or just in photographs!

  2. You certainly captured the flower show - but what did you do to unwind and relax those aching body parts?

  3. A beautiful breath of spring! I want that cat garden ornament!

  4. The flowers are beautiful and I'll bet welcomed but I laughed at the all the items for sale at a flower show!

    1. It was nuts. The sale aisles took up two thirds of the floor space, the flowers one third.


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