Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Retail Robbery

       My Guy was off sitting behind an easel at an art workshop, so I took myself out for some retail therapy. There was little on the agenda other than a poke around in the stores at a neighboring town but I ended up at the same discount store I shop in by our condo.

          In Mecca (aka TJ Max) I shuffled my cart around, unmoved by any of the clothes. But I did find some lovely bath gel and a new wallet.

          I already have a wallet that I’ve loved for years, but it takes up too much real estate in my purse so I’d unearthed a tiny one I’d squirreled away in a drawer long ago. Soon I was wondering where all those mysterious dark crumbles at the bottom of my purse were coming from.

          Time for a new wallet and I found one - a goldilocks wallet, not too big and not too small.

          The thing, though, was the price. $16 was okaaay, but the original price – if the original tag was to be believed – was patently absurd. Maybe the MSRP (manufacturers’ suggested retail price) is just that – a suggestion. A hope that some fool would actually spend that much.

          I hope I never reach a point in life where I need to impress people with the label affixed to my shirt/wallet/coat. I remember shopping with a friend of the same mindset who held up a sweater, a giant abbreviation emblazoned across its chest, and said, “I refuse to pay to be a walking advertisement for some company.”

          And when you pause to consider the markup on things you buy, remember that wallet may have dropped from $98 to $16, but TJ Max was still making a profit.


  1. I wouldn't be at all surprised if that was the real original price. Macy's has to keep the lights on somehow!

  2. I refuse to buy anything that has a brand logo on for the same reason. If some brand wants me to advertise for them they can give me the item or better yet, pay me.

  3. That is an awful lot for a wallet! I am glad you showed us what you really paid. Sheesh!

  4. The only brabded things I wear are my sneakers and that's only because cheaper unbranded ones don't come in my short wide size.

  5. Wowza. If I paid $98 for wallets, I wouldn't have a need for the wallet.

  6. I remember telling my grands years ago I considered it tacky to wear someone's logo on my clothing and I was pleasantly amused years later to hear then spouting the same line.


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