Friday, December 1, 2023

Speed Versus Volume


For a while there, I drove my daughter nuts. Probably still do, but in this instance I knew why.

          Ten years ago or so, I preferred email to texting for longer communications. I’m a writer for one thing, and in an email I could say everything I wanted, with the added comfort of typing it out on a keyboard, where thanks to that touch-typing class in high school, I’m much more proficient.

Plus, email felt like a mutually convenient way to have a long chatty exchange since I could write when the mood hit me and the other person could answer whenever they wanted.

My daughter preferred texting, probably for its immediacy.

And while I was guilty of rarely having my phone handy so that I’d hear the DING! of a text coming in, she was forgetting to check her emails. All is resolved now, and my main form of communication with most people seems to be texting, and daughter calls several times a week to chat.

And yet, I have a friend who must not grasp the concept of timeliness, who will often wait several days before answering a text. She’s always enthusiastic about whatever is being proposed – a play, lunch with another friend – but it takes forever for her to get back to us. 

Ironically, she also uses texting the way I used to use email, sending paragraph-long messages on that tiny keyboard.


  1. I must confess I'm often not prompt in responding to texts. I think I'm just a hair too old to feel that need. Sometimes I don't respond at all, which recently prompted my brother to give me grief for not hitting the friggin' "thumbs-up" button, at least.

    1. Gotcha. Emojis have saved my bacon a few times when it seems the text string is going to go on forever.

  2. I can't sort out all the dings on my phone, so I generally read my days' texts before bedtime.

  3. I find the thumbs up emoji is great for ending a stream of texts.

  4. I am also a fan of the thumbs up emoji. It fits in so many contexts, and it's easy and quick.

  5. I prefer email for long chats, texts for shorter ones although I've typed plenty of long texts. the phone is my least favorite form of communication unless it's facetime because I can't see the person's face and I find myself interrupting when I think erroneously they have finished speaking.


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