Sunday, December 3, 2023

Eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow we cook


        For someone who usually leads a very quiet life, the upcoming days are almost frantic. 

Today is the beginning of a busy, but easy week. Tonight, dinner out for our condo complex’s holiday party (pistachio-encrusted salmon and asparagus, yay!). Tuesday is a game afternoon with neighbors. Wednesday, a ladies’ luncheon and then dinner out with My Guy’s hobby friends. And I all I have to bring is my charming self and a good appetite – although two restaurants in one day may be a challenge.

          The days following will also be fun, but they’ll require more of me than just a nice smile and clean clothes. There’s a gathering at someone’s house where we all bring a hearty appetizer to share. We’ve done this before and it’s a great system because no one has to heave an entrée to the table and we can all just graze, drink, and chat. This one I have covered with a slider recipe that I hope will travel well.

          Then Monday is my library cookbook club (we all borrow the same cookbook and choose something from it to share at the meeting) and this month is cookies, so I’ll need to get some baking done. The good news is that it will actually be like a cookie swap, a handy thing before the holidays.

          Two days after that, My Guy’s art league meeting will include spouses and appetizers (you guessed it, we bring them) and happily, wine. No idea what I’m bringing yet. Should I look laid-back with some charcuterie-ish deli meats I’ve bought and just arranged artfully on a platter? Or would I look like I’m trying too hard by arriving with my made-by-loving-hands-at-home hamburger and water chestnut pastry packets? (They’re quite good.)

          And yes, if these are my biggest problems in the coming days, I’m a lucky girl.


  1. A very busy week with more socialising than I can cope with. Have fun.

  2. Oh, that is a full calendar! It does all sound like fun, though. Charcuterie seems to be the thing these days, doesn't it. -Jenn

  3. Wow. You'll be putting up your feet when it's all over.

  4. That is definitely a lot of parties to attend. I am blessed to have far fewer to manage. But it sure looks like fun!

  5. Definitely more socialising than I do all year. I think the charcuterie is a good idea.

    1. Yes, I may go that route. It's not a competition.


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