Sunday, October 29, 2023

Will no one rid us of this turbulent table? (Apologies, Henry II)

 The saga of the table continues.

Amazingly, My Guy and I were able to detach the top from the bottom with no trouble and move it out to the garage, ready for pick up. Round tables have a definite edge (see what I did there, huh?) on others since you can just roll them to the next venue.

Yesterday, after a flurry of enthusiastic inquiries, we were sure we had a buyer – she
claimed she just needed her friend to leave work at 7 pm, but no show. More messages with other candidates back and forth, but still nothing confirmed.

Now we have a possible contender, but a) he has a trailer and it’s raining b) he had a hip replaced recently c) he has to wait for HIS girlfriend to get off work. Meanwhile, all the pieces now wait out there like wallflowers at a dance.

          SIL just left this morning after stopping overnight on his way back from Boston. He was up from New Jersey for a memorial service for the son of a friend he’s stayed in touch with for years, one of his professors at Northeastern. I don't blame him - he's an interesting guy.

          Yesterday was probably the very last day of warm weather, freakishly and wonderfully in the 70s. Good thing, since with no dining table we had dinner out on the porch on our laps, which actually was heavenly.


  1. With all those almost-there's, it will all happen at once and everyone will want it. :-)

  2. Sell it to the first person who actually turns up and let others know it is a first come first served deal.

  3. I hope someone has shown up and taken it away by now. It's not really all that easy getting rid of things. It's kind of overwhelming to me. And of course, as soon as I part with something, that's when I need it.

  4. I have a fancy table and chairs and posted and also contacted a consignment shop and no one wants it. I will have to give it alway. It is Ethan Allan and worth a pretty penny, but I have not formal dining

  5. Incredible the beautiful things we worked so hard to acquire no longer fit our life and are no longer desired by the rest of the world.


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