Friday, October 27, 2023

Dining Divesting


We did the Big Purge five years ago when we moved from our house to the condo, but there’s still plenty left to go.

          Case in point, the bicycle trailer. Luckily, after posting it on Craig’s List it was gone in two days, I imagine mostly because we set a ridiculously low price.

     Now we have a dining table to shed. We bought it years ago by the side of the road at the massive (Martha Stewart has attended) flea market held three times a year in Brimfield. It was perfect for the house, not so much for the condo since we turned the dining room into a den and eat in the breakfast nook. Not only is it too big for the space, the leaves for when company come are heavy and take up storage space.

          48” diameter, yours for a song!

          I’d had roaring success before on an app called Let Go, but it’s now morphed into something else that wants a credit card for me to join. Nope!



         While we’re on the subject of selling, I just happened to actually look at the reminder
slip from the most recent library trip.

          That’s what I call marketing.  


  1. We NEED to do a giant purge. Someone else is reluctant. Sigh.
    Love that library slip.

  2. That is a beautiful table. I hope you are able to get what it's worth. Keep us posted, okay?

  3. I used to have an oak table like that I bought at an antique store in a tiny town. Had it for years, then sold it for a decent price to buy looms and use the dining room for my first studio.

  4. I really like the table, it's a good thing I live so far away, because I certainly don't have room for it either. I hope it sells quickly for you.

  5. I do love a good purge o'stuff. Somebody was thinking at the library!


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